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July 2, 201601:16 PM
We finally have shelves up featuring our sister companies noyah and Nios Shield! Great products you can look at...
October 30, 201512:48 PM
Happy Halloween Weekend, everyone!
October 30, 201512:46 PM
October 2, 201506:13 PM
Your super-tight ponytail or top knot is making you go bald. Kind of. Well, it can, at least.
September 25, 201512:09 PM
What mistakes you're making when straightening your hair (and how to fix them!)
September 25, 201512:09 PM
The big mistakes you're making when straightening your hair (and how to fix them!)
September 10, 201502:06 PM
5 Skin Shaving Myths (and 1 truth) you should know!
September 4, 201504:36 PM
7 Anti-Aging myths you need to stop believing in!
August 28, 201511:10 AM
Wish to leave feedback about your experience at Nios? Check out our new anonymous reviews!
August 28, 201511:07 AM
Wish to leave feedback about your experience at Nios or want to find out what other people think about us? Check...
August 11, 201504:05 PM
Electrolysis vs laser- what you need to know
August 10, 201504:08 PM
Growing out your bangs? (Ugh.) Here, four easy ways to get them out of your face: article thanks to @Fashionista_com
April 5, 201412:40 PM
Don’t let hair stop you from going on a date! Come in and see what you can do about getting rid of facial & body hair for GOOD.
April 4, 201411:16 AM
What book has recently had your attention? One of our gals is reading #GrainBrain, anyone else checking this out?
April 3, 201409:50 AM
"You're like an athlete in the workplace" (You may re-think about that fast food meal you were considering for lunch)
April 1, 201412:15 PM
Did you know that Alzheimer's disease & dementia is more common in people with low levels of Vitamin D? Better catch some rays, folks! :)
March 30, 201401:10 PM
February 26, 201402:32 PM
A nice read on Mindfulness: "The more you practice, the stronger the connections."
February 24, 201404:06 PM
Experiencing redness after your hair removal treatments? Check out this awesome product! #TendSkin #NiosSpa
February 21, 201412:09 PM
Wondering what hair removal treatment is right for you? Take a read and find out...
February 17, 201407:31 AM
If you’re looking for the perfect brows, check out these tips on getting that amazing shape:
February 14, 201409:32 AM
Happy Valentine's Day from Nios! This restaurant in BK has been all booked up, but check this out for a laugh anyway ;)
February 13, 201411:05 AM
Did you know that hair absorbs oil from the water, working as a natural sponge? #hairfacts #niosspa
February 12, 201410:05 AM
Need to get rid of blonde or white or grey hair permanently? Electrolysis is pretty much the only solution! #NiosSpa
February 11, 201409:05 AM
Ladies: Does your sweetheart complain about ingrown hairs from shaving? Treat him to electrolysis treatments and make his life easier!...
February 10, 201408:45 AM
Got one or two little annoying hairs? Nios offers short appointments starting at just 5 minutes if that’s all you need! :)
February 8, 201401:00 PM
Speaking of hair...check out this awesome Valentine’s Day inspired hair-do!
February 7, 201412:50 PM
Interested in learning more about electrolysis? Our website is a great hub to learn about permanent hair removal:

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Did you know that laser practitioners often claim their treatments permanently remove hair, but that the FDA only allows them to advertise as permanent hair reduction, not permanent hair removal? That's because laser works for some people, but not others, while electrolysis works for everyone - it is equally effective on all hair and skin colors. We can easily treat white, blond, fuzz, and mole hair; your skin color doesn't matter at all either (even very tan or dark skin). 
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315 W. 57th St. STE 308
New York, NY 10019

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